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D U S K - Golden Hour Patchwork Dress

D U S K - Golden Hour Patchwork Dress

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D U S K is a collection of naturally dyed and printed silk garments inspired by the early night sky, specifically, that moment when the softest colours cover everything around you. Designed and made by Uni Design with luxurious silk fabrics which are dyed and printed with plant dyes by Janna Maria at Everlea Yarn co, this small collection of one-of-a-kind wearables is profoundly original.

Body: 100% silk
Collar: Linen jersey

Measurements :

Roughly Size M 

Length (from middle front) 104cm from back: 108cm

Width (across underarm) :58cm

Arm hole: 50cm around

Collar: 56cm around

Bottom hem: 116cm around


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