We want to work with you to create the perfect piece you will love! How does it work?

  • #1. Customize Your Perfect Look

    Choose which design you would like—any existing design can be customized! Examples include the hoodie, cargo pants, matchy set, and wide-leg pants.

  • #2. Express Your Style

    Decide if you want patchwork, color block, or solid. You can browse Instagram for inspiration or ask us to send you some photos of previous projects.

  • #3. Pick Your Fabric

    Choose your fabric—we can work together on this, so don’t feel intimidated; it’s our specialty! To get started, you can either send a color palette, a certain aesthetic, choose one or more of my fabric options posted on Instagram, or just let me know what type of material you would like (e.g., cotton or wool).

  • #4. Cherish Memories

    You can also send your special fabric to rework. Some pieces we are very honored to have worked with include a grandmother's quilt collection, a late husband's dress shirts, a mother's wedding dress, and torn but cherished high school sports team sweats.

  • #5. Get the Perfect Fit

    Send us your measurements! We will send instructions on how to measure, or if you are local, you can come by the studio in Vancouver.

Watch Our Video to Learn How We Ensure Your Perfect Fit

View our video where we explain how we measure you. This process is very important to ensure you are properly sized to provide you with the perfect garment to your liking.

Watch video

We will be happy to walk you through all of these steps and make it an enjoyable and unique experience. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions. To get started, all you have to do is send us an email or a message, and we will go through these steps at whatever pace you like.

Discover Our FAQs Section

Do I need to think about the patchwork placement?

No! This is our specialty, you can choose the colours and fabric you like but the patchwork process is left up to us, unless you have a specific request.

Does custom order cost more?

Custom orders are the same price as ready made, unless there is a request to make changes to the design which require extra time

Can you replicate something that is sold out?

Each piece is only ONE of one, so we can never make the same one twice. We can use the same fabric if we have enough, or use similar colours but the patchwork will always be different.

Can I alter the designs?

We can accommodate small changes to the designs, for example elastic cuff rather than drawstring, more or less pockets, longer arms, etc. we may charge a little bit extra depending.

What happens if my custom piece doesn't fit?

If we make a mistake with the sizing we will alter the design or make you a new one. However if the measurements were taken wrong or you simply don’t like it, custom sizing orders are final sale.

Can I try on a design before?

If you are local to Vancouver you can book a private shopping appointment / fitting to try on different sizes. You can also find us at events across Canada, follow us on Instagram or sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date.

Can I request a custom new design?

We only offer existing designs that we have created. For custom pattern drafting you may contact us but we generally don’t offer this service.

Are there size limitations?

No limitation, we welcome all sizes. If you are a size we have not done before we may ask you to do a virtual fitting to be sure to get it right.

  • I own multiple items from UniDesign and they are always my favourite pieces to wear. I ordered a custom sweatshirt for my partner who can never find a sweatshirt he likes. Maya was excellent with suggesting pattern and fabrics that would work well. She sent me a few designs to choose from and the final piece is a staple in his wardrobe. I highly recommend working with UniDesign to get a unique piece that’s made just for you.


  • I got my hoodie today and I love it SO much!!! It brought me so much joy today so thank you so much for making it <3 I think it will be my favourite hoodie this winter


  • LOVED working with Uni Design on a pair of patchwork cargo pants. The pants fit perfect and they’re easily my new favourite wardrobe statement piece.


  • I ordered a custom summer tshirt and short set. It was really fun to work with you, as you had such fun ideas for fabric pairing that made for SUCH a unique set. I also really appreciated being able to talk out fabric textures to make sure it was exactly what I was hoping. Your instructions for sizing/measuring really simple, and the outfit was perfect! It didn’t take long at all, and I lived in it last year. Can’t wait to order again!


  • I just got the pants today and goddamn these are so freaking cool! They fit amazing, look amazing and good luck to anyone who tries to make me wear anything else for the foreseeable future cause it aint happenin!


  • Okay I got my pants and I am absolutely OBSESSED!!! I wore them to school today and got soooo many compliments. I actually might be living in these for the rest of my life. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! Also the length is PERFECT!