About Uni Design

Uni Design is a slow fashion brand based in Vancouver, B.C., driven by our passion for sustainable fashion and creative expression. Our journey began with a vision to transform fashion into a force for good. We specialize in crafting clothing for all genders, creating one-of-a-kind patchwork pieces from upcycled textiles and scraps.

Maya Bergeron-Robitaille is the founder of Uni Design. She is a self taught designer since 2018. Passionate about photojournalism and new discoveries, her travels brought her to discover a love for textiles. Combined with her studies in human rights and the environment, Uni Design came together as a sustainable fashion project, celebrating textiles while acting as a sustainable creative outlet. Since 2020 she has become increasingly inspired by Improv sewing, patchwork and quilting techniques which she incorporates into her designs. 

At Uni, we're committed to reducing textile waste and promoting environmental responsibility. Each garment we create tells a story, meticulously crafted using high-quality vintage and modern textiles sourced from various outlets. Whether you're browsing our ready-to-wear collection or seeking a custom creation, we offer personalized options to suit your style and size.

Connect with us via email at unidesign.mtl@gmail.com or on Instagram @unidesign_world to explore our sustainable fashion journey together.